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We are an Edmonton based strength and conditioning gym designed to improve you as a human. Our number one mission is to help you increase your overall capacity, so that you can become the badass you want to be, and do the amazing things you want to do. We create a safe space to participate in the process of learning and growth. Life is challenging and full of hardship – The Lab will help you strengthen yourself physically and mentally so that you can tackle the trials ahead, and in our own way help make the world a better place.

Here you will undergo physical training that is structured in a way to improve your Strength, Coordination, Balance, Power, Endurance, and Mobility. Creating workouts to bring on positive human adaptation in a group environment is challenging, as each person responds differently to different types of training. With this in mind, we use an approach that is designed around workout intention. This allows us to scale and alter workouts no matter your fitness level, so you get the desired stimulus from the workout of the day. This gives the workouts a customizable aspect, allowing you to work at your level and find progression.

Our programming works in fifteen to twenty week cycles where we work to improve your overall fitness, with the main goal of increasing readiness for life/sport/activity, and yes, that includes aesthetic goals too 😉 .

We look at fitness in a unique holistic way, trying to solve movement disfunction, so that you can keep moving for a long time.

The best way to experience our approach is by booking a free trial class! Shoot us an email to book a class.

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