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Do. Different.

Deciding to seek support is a big step for all of us. Above all, FORWARD Psychology & Wellness champions individuality, uniqueness, creativity and diversity.

We believe in constant FORWARD momentum toward goals, health, wellness and the development of our best selves.

At FORWARD, we see clients in-office, online and outdoors. YOU are in control. Regardless of context, our approach is intentionally individualized and rests on a foundation of Positive Psychology – the scientific study of human flourishing. We are focused on helping clients move FORWARD in their lives. We help clients to develop solutions, and new ways of being.

Physically Active Talk therapy, or RUN & WALK therapy, was founded on the understanding that our minds and bodies are inseparable, and that movement is an integral component of mental wellness.

Put simply, physically moving FORWARD together, while mindfully WALKING or RUNNING, working through challenges and developing solutions collaboratively, fosters GROWTH, CHANGE, BALANCE, and ACCOMPLISHMENT. This is Physically Active Talk Therapy.

Many find that they feel liberated and more comfortable when working together outside and on the move.

Physically Active Talk Therapy is NOT a fitness program or a weight-loss program.  It is NOT a training program, or a coaching program. We do NOT work on becoming better walkers or runners together.

We engage in therapy on the move.

You do not need to be an athlete to engage in this approach. Physically Active Talk Therapy is individually paced in a manner that allows for easy conversation. It differs for every individual. Sometimes we run, sometimes we walk, sometimes we sit on a bench and talk. During a single session, we may do all three! Everyone is different and therefore, our Physically Active Talk Therapy approach is collaboratively pre-determined and co-created.  You are in control.

Our office-based therapy is offered in our Old Strathcona location, while our Physically Active Talk Therapy approach typically takes place, year-round, in Canada’s largest urban green space, The Edmonton River Valley.

You are in control. If you feel like sitting and talking, we’ve got you. If you feel like moving and combining physical activity with talk therapy, we’ve got you. If you feel like doing a bit of both, let’s create!

Seeing a psychologist is all about fit.

Check us out and see if we might be right for you!

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