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ARC is comprised of a team of Physiotherapists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Massage Therapists working together to provide a multi disciplinary approach to the way Edmontonians’ meet their athletic goals. We provide; performance testing, coaching and programming, baseline screens, injury assessment, treatment and recovery sessions all under one roof inside the downtown Evolve Strength location. Our primary aim is to bring together the services you need as an athlete, that are not being met with your current set up and then meet those needs in a bespoke way, to help you achieve your short and long term performance goals.


Whether it’s post game, race day, rest day, or a deload week during a macrocycle, recovery science has come a long way. It can help you reduce the sensations of exercise induced muscle damage and help you return to your best quicker than before. Our contrast baths, NormaTec boots and Game Ready machines are all in place to blunt the inflammatory response associated with delayed onset muscle soreness and when combined with an active component of recovery, will have you back on track quicker than ever before.


Our coaches are here to make you a better athlete in the sporting setting you choose to apply yourself. We offer a blend of one-on-one coaching as well as programming for independent workouts to stay on course to meet your needs. We tailor the ratio of coached sessions and programmed sessions to meet your lifestyle, performance goals and budget.


Whether you are injured or in need of some TLC, our staff of Physio’s are here to help. We understand that as part of the training and performing process, you are rarely 100% and that’s where we come in. We specialize in providing treatment that allows you to stay the course and meet your goals  while cooperating with return to sport protocols for those who are post surgical or more seriously injured.

Performance Physiotherapy

Once the acute inflammatory phase is over, we combine our Physiotherapy service with 30 minutes of Strength and Conditioning coaching to safely get you back in the process of training progressively. This innovative service blends the line between rehab and training. It allows you to take care of the issue whilst staying progressive with your specific sport and training regime through the  guidance of our coaching staff. Whether it’s technique cueing, exercise modification or introducing new pieces to your program, it’s a service that will have you back to your best in the quickest time frame, as safely possible.


Massage Therapy is an important tool in both your recovery and rehab journeys. Whether you utilize iit as part of a weekly rest day, during a deload week or as part of injury management, massage is a powerful tool when combined with our recovery philosophy to get you back to 100% and training progressively.

Testing & Screening

We offer testing to assess your journey to performance and shape the direction of your training program. Whether it’s V02 max or 1 rep max efforts, we use these sessions to identify weaknesses that may limit you when competing, and then implement a training block to make sure they don’t!

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