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Whether you’re in youth sport with dreams of playing professionally, an avid weekend warrior looking to stay active, or a masters athlete pushing your body to the limit we have individualized assessment and treatment options to keep you moving forward.

There are numerous options for your injury management. Physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, and many more- all with their own treatments, techniques and claims to get you better fastest. Where you choose to go should be a conscious decision based on the knowledge and technical skills of the therapist, the real world experience your therapist has in your sport or activity, and what you’re hoping to be accomplished during your appointment. Having worked in a variety of different settings including big physiotherapy chains, I couldn’t help but feel that you (i.e., the patient) were consistently getting the short end of the stick. Being booked into a 15 minute slot (sometimes shorter) means that your physiotherapist has upwards of 4 people on the go every hour. Machines and modalities are nice but your health shouldn’t be short-changed by the ‘normal’ scheduling parameters of the industry. Your story matters and no detail is too small. It takes time to dive into your training routines, your sporting workload, and all the other factors that impact your recovery like sleep and nutrition. That’s why I stepped out from a busy caseload to offer a superior option for my clients. An option that gives you multiple treatment lengths to best meet your current needs and access to me around the clock. Athletes of all types have one thing in common- goals. Goals that you will often push your body to the limit to accomplish. Goals that you spend all of your time and effort working towards. Whether it’s making the team or running your first race it matters a lot, and it should matter a lot to your therapist too. Injuries are scary and they really do suck but they shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach your goal.

Service and Treatment Options

Sports Physiotherapy

Management of athletic acute injuries with timely and effective treatment to get a quick and safe return to play.

Concussion Management

In depth assessment and treatment of the multiple body systems affected by a concussion. Special focus on athletic return to play planning and clearance for contact.

Functional Dry Needling (FDN/IMS)

A technique used to resolve pain stemming from a neuropathic origin. This can occur when a muscle becomes dysfunctional and stuck in a tightened or shortened state resulting in constant tension and what is commonly described as ‘myofasical pain’.

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