From pull-ups in my family’s basement to grueling runs on the track, my love of all things fitness and self-improvement began when I was 12 years old. I am a compulsive over-achiever and continually push my body and mind to the limits. Constantly striving to improve lead me to NAIT, where I completed my Personal Training Diploma and shortly after received my CSEP certification (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology).

Since training in Edmonton and the surrounding area for over four years, I have worked with individuals from all walks of life and have had numerous articles published in YEG Fitness. As I push to grow and develop, I want to make sure my clients are doing the same. Whether you’re looking to improve athletically, increase strength and mobility, or lose weight, all the progress you make in your training and with me translates to a better and longer quality of life. I believe fitness and athleticism make up a better standard of living. When you can do more, you will feel and live better.

Although fitness is an obvious point of development for myself and many others, I love seeing people grow and develop in all aspects of life. I make an effort to help my clients excel as individuals outside of their fitness. I understand that this comes with many challenges (insecurities, public opinion, lack of confidence, etc.) that make our goals seem impossible. Whatever it is, we find ways to overcomplicate situations, and getting into the habit of keeping things simple and developing systems to enjoy life to the fullest takes time. I want to build a community of people looking to share their experiences and knowledge with others. SIMPLISH is about building a better, happier you.

If you’ve gotten this far, it means you’re ready to learn, laugh and grow as an individual. Life can be complicated, but I want us to work together to make it SIMPLISH+.

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